Vessel Between Padangbai Harbour & Gili Islands, Lombok

Bali Eka Jaya fast boat Gili Island
Eka Jaya Fast Boat

Vessel List by Destination

Crossings from Padangbai Port to various destination islands, such as Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and GiliMenoo, are served daily by the following fast boats based on routes.

You can choose a fast boat according to the schedule, ticket price and seat availability. It’s better to book tickets in advance to make sure everything goes safely and smoothly.

Enjoy a pleasant crossing to your destination island for an unforgettable and memorable vacation.

Fast Boat Operator from Bali to Gili Island, Lombok

The following is a list of boats that serve daily crossings from Padang Bai Harbour to Gili Islands and vice versa, with multiple round-trip crossings available by several fast boat operators

Bali Eka Jaya fast boat Gili Island

Eka Jaya

ostina fast boat gili


wahana virendra fast boat

Wahana Virendra

semaya one vessel heading to gili islands

Semaya One

Ganggari fast boat gili islands


Golden queen fast boat gili

Golden Queen

Gili-Gili fast boat


karunia perkasa fast boat gili

Karunia Perkasa

Manta express fast boat

Manta Express