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Padangbai harbor is connected between Bali and Gili Island and Lombok
Padangbai Taxi Service

Padangbai Harbour Taxi Service: A Complete Guide for Travelers

Padang Bai is one of the main ports in Bali, famous as the gateway to beautiful islands such as the Gilis and Lombok. The port is always crowded with tourists who want to explore the beauty of the surrounding nature. One of the main needs of tourists is efficient and convenient transportation services, especially taxi services. This article will cover everything about taxi services at Padangbai Harbor, including tips, advantages, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Why Choose Private Taxi Service?

Convenience and Safety

Using a taxi service at Padang Bai Harbor provides maximum comfort after a long journey. Experienced taxi drivers will ensure you reach your destination safely.


Taxi services offer flexibility in determining departure and destination times. You don’t need to be tied to public transportation schedules.

Save Time

With a taxi service, you can save time compared to having to wait for public transportation from fast boat operators that will have to stop at several places or deal with vehicle rentals.

Tips for Choosing a Taxi Service at Padangbai Harbor

Book a Private Taxi Service in Advance: Make a taxi booking before the day of arrival, where you can make arrangements for pick-up and the driver will be waiting at the arrival terminal.

  • Ask for Price: Ask for rates from several service providers to get the best price.
  • Ask for Facilities: Make sure the taxi has the facilities you need, such as air conditioning and enough luggage space.

Advantages of Private Taxi Service in Padang Bai Harbor

  • Professional Service: Private taxi drivers in Padangbai are usually friendly and professional and will take great care of their reputation.
  • Quality Cars: Most of the taxi fleet are new cars that are clean and well-maintained.
  • 24-Hour Service: Taxi services are available throughout the day, providing flexibility for travelers with varying schedules.

Padangbai Harbour Taxi Price

Sanur400.000Up to 4 passengers & Standard Luggage
Airport450.000Up to 4 passengers & Standard Luggage
Kuta/Legian/Seminyak450.000Up to 4 passengers & Standard Luggage
Canggu/Pererenan500.000Up to 4 passengers & Standard Luggage
Nusa Dua/Jimbaran500.000Up to 4 passengers & Standard Luggage
Uluwatu550.000Up to 4 passengers & Standard Luggage
Ubud450.000Up to 4 passengers & Standard Luggage
North Ubud500.000Up to 4 passengers & Standard Luggage
Sidemen350.000Up to 4 passengers & Standard Luggage
Munduk650.000Up to 4 passengers & Standard Luggage
Amed/Tulamben500.000Up to 4 passengers & Standard Luggage
Lovina750000Up to 4 passengers & Standard Luggage
Price is subject to change without prior notice

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the average taxi fare from Padangbai Harbor to Kuta?

The average fare for a trip from Padangbai Harbor to Kuta ranges from Rp 500,000 to Rp 700,000, depending on traffic conditions and travel time.

Do taxi services in Padangbai accept credit card payments?

Most taxi services in Padangbai prefer cash payment. However, some services are starting to accept credit card or digital wallet payments. Be sure to inquire beforehand.

How to book a taxi at Padangbai Port?

You can book a taxi directly at the port or the official taxi kiosk at the port. We recommend going online by contacting via the WhatsApp social messenger application available at Bal who is ready to serve you.

Is there a taxi service for large groups?

Yes, there are some taxi service providers that offer larger vehicles such as vans or minibuses for large groups. Be sure to book in advance.

Are taxi services in Padangbai safe?

Taxi services in Padangbai are generally safe, especially if you choose a licensed and reliable taxi. Always make sure to check the driver’s identity and vehicle license plate number before boarding.

Using a taxi service at this port is the best option for travelers who want convenience, flexibility and safety. By following the tips above and understanding the advantages and important information related to taxi services, your trip in Bali will be more enjoyable and stress-free. Feel free to use the professional taxi services available and enjoy the beauty of Bali more comfortably.

Padangbai taxi service with private car
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